Digital age – timelines

Mechanical>>Analogue technologies >> Digital processes and interactions

Start 1940s

  • First large scale computer ENIAC > 1946 (while electronics invention dates back to 1745 with invention of capacitor)
  • 1970s to 1990s : experimental shift (first email, first laptop, first CD, first game console, first mobile phone, first digi camera)
  • 1990s – 2000 (knowledge economy)
  • 2000 – 2020 : Digital age
  • Beyond 2020: smart cities, smart power grids, autonomous vehicles, e-health, AI

Why is it important:

  1. Millions of Jobs
  2. Impact on human and social life – eGovernance, social media, Virtality
  3. Advancements in life : Agriculture, power, cities, online services
  4. Advancements in Business: Efficiency, automation, robotization

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