Enterprise wide Automation – ICT view

Automation in business and ICT operations directly adds value to business in terms of efficiency, Quality and Cost.

Most Organization however have siloed approach towards it for the simple reason that there are different owners for different process areas and business segments.

Best approach perhaps can be outlined as below, in simpler words:

  1. Automation is not to be seen as a project but initiative comprising of mini projects starting from low hanging fruits to more complex ones.
  2. First, Create a Company wide high level process book including business functions and support business functions
  3. Second step, is to see the process itself rather then applying a technology for automation. Make the process more lean and eliminate unnecessary steps. It can be easier said then done, but has to go through in any case.
  4. After that, perhaps to see if the existing applications and systems can be automated with for example integrations and available technologies
  5. Then to check which processes are must to be automated i,e will maximize the benefits and fits for investment for new automation tools.
  6. For large enterprises , probably it makes sense to have a centralized group or team who has an overall understanding of business, processes and technologies.
  7. Prioritization of automation projects based on business case, value maximization.

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